‘True Blood’ Season 4, Episode 2 Gets Early Release on HBO GO

True Blood season 4, episode 2 will get an early online release on HBO GO! The second episode will be available the same night as the season premiere! Two new episodes in one night? How exciting!

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicAccording to the official Facebook page for True Blood, the episode will be available for those who register on HBO GO. HBO GO is free for HBO subscribers with participating cable companies and is available online or as an app available in both Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.

Judging by the comments on the Facebook post, not all fans are happy. It seems that there are many cable companies (including cable giant, Time Warner) that aren’t on HBO GO’s list. If your cable company doesn’t participate in HBO GO, you will have to wait until July 3 to see the episode titled, “You Smell Like Dinner.”

Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don’t want to know the summary of what will happen in episode 2!

According to TrueBloodNet.com, the guide for episode 2 reads; Sookie adjusts to Bon Temps’ new realities; Bill reveals pieces of his past; Eric crashes a witches’ meeting; Jason gets his wounds licked; Andy struggles with his addiction; Sam learns of Luna’s special talents; Jessica satisfies her blood cravings; Arlene witnesses strange behavior from her family.

Sounds exciting, True Fans! The only downside to seeing episode 2 early is that you will have to wait two weeks to see a new episode when episode 3 airs July 10.

Will you watch True Blood season 4, episode 2 on HBO GO right after seeing episode 1 on June 26 or will you wait until July 3? Share your thoughts below!

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