‘True Blood’ Season 4 Full Cast Promotional Photos Released

The True Blood season 4 full cast promotional photos have been released. These photos show each character that will participate in season 4. Spoiler alert! Major plot lines will be discussed below. Continue reading at your own risk!

Perhaps the biggest mystery that these photos unveil is; what’s with all of the wedding rings? In the first photo in the gallery, vampire Bill Compton is wearing a wedding band on his left hand. Again, in a photo with Sookie, Eric and Bill, a simple band is plainly visible on Bill’s finger. In Sookie’s solo photo, it appears as if she’s wearing a ring of some type on her left hand ring finger as well. It’s not a flat band, but it looks like it is some type of a diamond ring. Also wearing a ring is Pam. Her plain gold band is obvious in her solo photo. Click here to see the True Blood promotional photos.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicHBO is too careful for this to be an oversight. This isn’t an instance of them simply forgetting to take off their rings before the shoot; this was intentional. The first photo of the gallery shows the characters wearing fangs, so clearly these photos weren’t meant to simply be pretty photos of the actors. However, in recently released promotional posters, Bill isn’t wearing a ring (click the photo to view large).

So why are Bill, Sookie and Pam wearing rings in the new promotional photos? Recent True Blood season 4 spoilers indicate that Bill and Sookie will break up early in the season, so what could it be? What are your thoughts? Share them below!

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