‘True Blood’ Season 5 Details Emerge

HBO’s publicity for its supernatural saga True Blood seems to move faster than the dangerously dashing vampires that make up most of the ever-expanding cast of characters.

With a full eight minutes of the Season 4 premiere already released, and teaser after teaser spreading across YouTube in the last month, the anticipation for the hit show’s return–now less than a week away–is just.

However, show creator Alan Ball is shifting some of the mass hype surrounding the upcoming fourth season to season-after-next.

true blood

In an ambiguous quote from a recent Rolling Stone interview, Ball confirmed a fifth season of True Blood while simultaneously hinting at the end of his involvement as writer and director. “I am negotiating for a season past this one.”

Now, he opens up a bit more on plans for Season 5 in a timely, informative and spoiler-heavy Daily Beast article.

In typical Ball fashion, not much is disclosed but he does announce that the identities of The Authority–the mysterious group behind the campaign for equal vampire rights–will be revealed.

As fans of the show may recall, The Authority weren’t exactly best friends with vampire king Russell Edgington, last season’s villain, which likely means that his return is imminent.

“We will not see him this season, but he is not dead. That’s all I can say,” confirmed Ball.

Ball also promised an interesting storyline for Tara Thornton, portrayed by Rutina Wesley, for the future season.

As the wait on Season 4 continues and the wait on Season 5 begins, thankfully, HBO has released yet another trailer for the upcoming season premiering this Sunday.

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