‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 10 Sneak Peeks: Romance, a Meeting, and a Surprise Visitor

True Blood season 5 continues this weekend with episode 10, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and the trouble is going to continue for Sookie, as will the bloodshed at Russell’s hands and the uncertainty between Jason and Jessica.

Season 5 Episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” Clips

In the first sneak peek (below), Russell and Steve Newlin are dancing, both covered in blood, with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” playing in the background. Russell tells Steve to “imagine a time when we will own not only the night but the day as well,” explaining there’s a way they could walk in the sun and it’s close. Steve asks him to take him with him, and Russell dips him, obviously liking that idea. They continue dancing among the dead bodies. While the scene is…different, made all the stranger with Katy Perry playing, it isn’t as crazy as they were when they were high in Authority HQ and dancing. This one is just a very bloody, very strange kind of romance for the vampires.

The second True Blood season 5 episode 10 clip (below) shows Jason and Jessica in Merlotte’s. Her guards aren’t with her, but that’s what happens when they stop getting paid. It’s a good thing too since “they were starting to look kind of tasty,” Jessica explains. They’re both there to meet someone, and Hoyt walks in. Will the three be able to have a polite conversation? After everything, it would be about time that happens and perhaps Hoyt’s recent brush with danger is why he’s decided it’s time. Considering what could be coming up for Jason, they may not have much time left to do so.

The third “Gone, Gone, Gone” sneak peek (below) shows Sookie settling in to eat take out and read over some papers when there’s a knock at her door. She takes a gun with her when she goes to answer it, and when she sees it’s Mike, she lets him in, reminding him it isn’t safe. He’s there about the body—hers. Okay, so that’s really creepy and not at all what you want to hear from someone when you invite them into your house at night. Maybe inviting him in was a bad idea. Will she even be able to use that gun to protect herself? Will someone come to her rescue?

What do you think of the True Blood season 5 episode 10 sneak peeks from “Gone, Gone, Gone”?

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