‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 11 Sneak Peeks: Jessica’s Concern for Jason, a Warning

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True Blood season 5 continues this week with episode 11, “Sunset.” This is the episode that will feature the scene that’s been teased for a couple of weeks now: Jason lying in the ground with Jessica. Is this going to be his last episode human?

Season 5 Episode 11 “Sunset” Clips

The first “Sunset” sneak peek (below) shows Jessica wanting to warn Jason about Russell and Steve, but Bill refuses to let her use his phone. She tries to appeal to him, even bringing up Sookie, but he says that part of accepting Lilith’s word is distancing himself from the matters of humans. He no longer cares about Bon Temps, telling her, “They’re food, and nothing more.” Though he goes to leave, Jessica may find a way to make him pause when she asks, “What if I made him a vampire?” Is that why Jessica’s apologizing as they’re in the ground? Is she making him a vampire to save his life? Is he going to consent to this? This could end up backfiring on her.

In the second True Blood season 5 episode 11 clip (below), the vampires find out there’s video of Russell and Steve’s killing the fraternity brothers. They’re warned that after lying about Russell, if humans see the video, they’re going to be in trouble. They will rise up against vampires. It looks like they’re going to have no choice but to deal with Russell and Steve, but with the promo showing Russell using Jason to try to lure Sookie out, that’s not going to be so easy. He wants to walk in the sun, and with that possibility so close for him, it’s not going to be easy for anyone to stop him. If he does drink fairy blood and can walk in the sun, there are going to be even more deaths, meaning a greater possibility of it getting out to more people and humans rising up against vampires.

What do you think of the True Blood season 5 episode 11 sneak peeks from “Sunset”?

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