‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 2 ‘Authority Always Wins’ Sneak Peeks: Locked Up, Dealing With Tara

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True Blood season 5 continues this weekend with episode 2, “Authority Always Wins.” It will be officially introducing the Vampire Authority and showing the aftermath of Tara becoming a vampire.

Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Always Wins” Clips

True Blood 2008 logoTwo new previews have been released from the next episode, teasing what some of the characters will be dealing with. The first one (below) shows what’s coming up for Bill, Eric, and Nora now that the Vampire Authority has captured them. After they’re forced to stop so their arrival can be announced, the three are locked up in individual cells. Even without the teases in the promo for the season, you know that this can only end badly for them. After all, they’re in the Authority’s custody now.

The second True Blood season 5 episode 2 sneak peek from “Authority Always Wins” (below) shows Sookie and Lafayette keeping an eye on vampire Tara. She’s wrecking the kitchen, and it ends with her perched on the sink. Will the Tru Blood in the cabinet do anything, or will it just end up being something that makes her react violently? The promo does tease that they’re going to need to restrain her. Will that be part of this scene?

What do you think of the True Blood season 5 episode 2 sneak peeks from “Authority Always Wins”?

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