‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 7 Sneak Peeks: Magic, Scent, and Russell

True Blood season 5 continues this week with episode 7, “In the Beginning.” Russell is officially back, Roman is dead, and there’s plenty of drama and trouble coming for Bon Temps as the season continues.

Season 5 Episode 7 “In the Beginning” Clips

True Blood 2008 logoIn the first sneak peek (below), Sookie finds out that since she’s only half-fae, her magic is finite: “You will run out if you aren’t careful how and how much you use it.” She wonders what happens if she does run out. Could she die? The promo shows her wondering if she could become human. What could happen to Sookie if she runs out of her magic? Could this be her chance at something normal? Can Sookie even have a normal life considering everything?

The second “In the Beginning” sneak peek (below) shows Sam sniffing around as a deputy stands by. She asks what he’s looking for, and he tells her to check a box. He’s hoping to find the masks, and he did. She watches as he smells along the floor. He picks up five or six men, and she asks if there’s something she needs to know about him. Sam is helpful to have around in situations like this. Will he find out who’s after the supernatural creatures in this episode or at least get closer? It looks that way.

In the third True Blood season 5 episode 7 clip (below), it’s the aftermath of Russell killing Roman. Russell ends up pinning Eric down. In the flashes of light, the Authority tries to take control. Nora continues to chant for Lilith even as she burns. What is Russell going to do next? How will it all end up being connected?

What do you think of the True Blood season 5 episode 7 sneak peeks from “In the Beginning”?

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