‘True Blood’ Season 5 Episode 9 Sneak Peeks: Decrypting Messages, Figuring Out What’s Real

True Blood season 5 continues this weekend with episode 9, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” Sookie is going to continue to investigate her parents’ deaths, especially after what she saw, and Eric is going to try to get through to Bill.

Season 5 Episode 9 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Clips

In the first sneak peek (below), Sookie reads out loud a newspaper article about her parents’ deaths. She didn’t know Dearborne found their bodies. She wonders if Gran was trying to tell her he knows something. Lafayette asks why the dead have to be so cryptic. He has a point: “It ain’t cute.” Will Dearborne put Sookie on the right track, or is he going to end up a dead end? She does have more information now than she did in the past, but will she get the final answer she’s looking for before the season ends? Could the season cliffhanger be Sookie facing off with the vampire who killed her parents?

The second True Blood season 5 episode 9 clip (below) shows Eric talking to Bill about the idea he presented at the end of the last episode (blowing up the Tru Blood factories). Bill says he’s not playing a game, but Eric tells him there aren’t any cameras around and he’s laying it on too thick. The others won’t buy Bill’s act for too long. Bill insists he saw Lilith, and Eric tells him they were high and they need to stay away from that blood. Bill tells him, “I’m lost. I don’t know who to trust.” Will Eric be able to get Bill back on track before it’s too late, or is Eric better off not spending time right now trying to? Will Eric end up standing alone against the others, or will Bill join him? Right now, it’s not looking like Bill would be much help, but it’s better to have him on Eric’s side than against him, especially if he’s going to keep spouting off ideas like blowing up Tru Blood factories.

What do you think of the True Blood season 5 episode 9 sneak peeks from “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”?

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