‘True Blood’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Deaths and the Ending

True Blood is heading towards a big season 5 finale, and with everything going on so far, it’s no surprise that there’s already been a tease of more death.

Season 5 Finale Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoAccording to TVLine, creator Alan Ball has revealed the finale has a “big body count”: “Probably more than any other episode we’ve ever had. I’m not saying they’re bodies we know, although some of them are. There’s a lot of carnage.” Considering there’s a group of killers around going after supernatural creatures, Lilith and Russell are back, and there’s just the fact that death is no stranger to the show, what else would you expect from the last episode of the season? Last season ended with Tara getting shot in the head, with this season beginning with Sookie and Lafayette having Pam turn her. It was an intense end of a season. How will they be able to top that with True Blood season 5?

Well, TVLine also teases, “the final frame of the season will feature one of these three characters: Sookie, Bill or Eric.” Will they be involved in a scene with one of those deaths that are coming up? So far, Sookie’s now dealing with the fact that her abilities can run out, meaning she’ll no longer be fae. With the chance of being normal, the last episode ended with her trying to use up her power. She’s also going to be looking into her parents’ deaths since she found out a vampire killed them after being attracted by her blood. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric are going around with the Authority and dealing with Lilith. Any of those storylines could somehow be involved in that last shot of season 5.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 spoilers for the finale?

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