‘True Blood’ Season 5 Premiere Spoilers: Jason and Steve Newlin in ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’

HBO has been busy promoting True Blood season 5, with preview clips, promos, and more, and the latest out is the script of a scene from the premiere.

Season 5 Episode 1 “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoThe script pages from the season 5 premiere reveal a scene between Jason and Steve Newlin. As the season 4 finale showed, Steve’s a vampire now, and that was one of the cliffhangers from last summer that fans have been waiting to see resolved. Unsurprisingly, Jason’s going to end up in a bit of trouble, but it turns out Steve has something to tell him that he’s been holding in for some time.

The True Blood season 5 premiere script pages from “Turn! Turn! Turn!” show that Jason starts off smart and doesn’t look Steve in the eye so he can’t glamour him. However, Steve appeals to his compassion and says that he hasn’t been taught anything as his “being turned was a punishment.” Hearing that he was abandoned, Jason’s going to do the stupid thing and look up, giving Steve the chance to glamour him.

Steve gets his invitation inside and explains that he has feelings for Jason—feelings he couldn’t admit to himself, which led to him acting like he did: “I am a gay Vampire-American, and I love you, Jason Stackhouse.” Immortality apparently gave him the strength to say those words. Now that has to put Jason in quite the awkward position. While he’s “flattered” and does forgive Steve, Jason explains, “this dog don’t bark that way.” Steve doesn’t take the rejection too well, and with “My dead heart beats for you. The least you could do is try,” he “slides the tips of his fangs along Jason’s neck, savoring him, collecting memories and smells of this moment.” Jason can’t get away from the vampire.

Wow, how things have changed now that Steve’s a vampire. Poor Jason’s certainly put into an awkward moment, but what will happen next? Will someone walk in, or will Jason be able to somehow get away himself? That should be an interesting storyline to see play out, especially factoring in what’s going on between Jason and Jessica. Poor Jason just can’t luck out in love—not even unrequited love.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 premiere spoilers for “Turn! Turn! Turn!”?

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