‘True Blood’ Season 5 Preview Video: Trust Issues Between Eric and Pam

HBO has been releasing True Blood “Waiting Sucks” videos to get fans excited about the fifth season, premiering June 10, and the latest one shows there’s some drama and serious trust issues between Pam and Eric.

Season 5 “Waiting Sucks” Video

True Blood 2008 logoA few videos have already been released, teasing trouble coming up for pretty much everyone. With the way season 4 ended, what else would you expect? One thing to look forward to in the new season is the return of Russell Edgington, but of course, what everybody wants to know is how he got out. How did that happen? It’s leading to characters questioning each other when usually they wouldn’t.

That’s just what’s in the latest True Blood season 5 video (below). In Fangtasia, Pam insists she’s not lying and she doesn’t know where Russell is. It seem like Eric thinks she may have been involved in digging him up. Things have gotten to the point for him where he trusts no one. That doesn’t sit well with Pam, who tells him that he can’t trust her more than Bill or a werewolf, he should release her. All he has to do is “Just say the words: As your maker, I release you. Say it and we’re done. Say it!” Eric couldn’t really release Pam, could he? Is that what fans have to look forward to in season 5? Yes, waiting sucks.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 preview?

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