‘True Blood’ Season 5 Promo: Romance and Stakes

True Blood season 5 premieres on HBO on June 10, and more and more spoilers and promos are being released from the new season. The latest out reveals some danger—and some fun—coming for some of the characters.

Season 5 Promo

True Blood 2008 logoThe Authority is coming to the HBO series this summer, and that’s going to mean some direct danger for at least one of the vampires, as seen in the latest promo (below). Like every other season, season 5 is going to be one filled with romance, hook-ups, stakes, blood, action, and tears. Will everyone survive this summer, or will they be saying goodbye to more characters?

The latest True Blood season 5 promo (below) starts right off by showing Sookie digging and Jason at a grave. That’s never good, but it wouldn’t be this series without that. There’s also that hand coming out of the ground to question. Whose hand is that? What will that mean for the rest of the season? Meanwhile, there are, of course, going to be numerous hook-ups this season, including Jessica and Jason and Sookie and Alcide. But it’s not just going to be fun with Jessica that’s coming up for Jason. He’s going to be in some trouble as well.

There are going to be numerous people going to stake vampires, but will any of them hit the target? Sookie yells at Lafayette, who’s upset and swinging a stake down, to stop. Could Tara come back as a vampire? Everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen to her. One of the bigger moments of the promo has to be how it ends. Eric and Bill are kneeling on the ground, and Roman is going to stake Bill. Is this going to be part of episode 3, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me,” in which the vampires will be negotiating with Roman for their lives?

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 preview?

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