‘True Blood’ Season 5 Promo: The Authority, Sookie and Alcide, and Death

True Blood season 5 premieres this June on HBO, and there are going to be some new characters, including Christopher Meloni’s. Leading up to the premiere, HBO has been releasing “Waiting Sucks” teasers, and now there’s a new trailer out with plenty of spoilers.

Season 5 Trailer

True Blood 2008 logoSeason 4 ended with quite the cliffhangers, and season 5 is going to have a lot to address when it begins, including matters of death, resurrections, and old friends visiting. Then there’s, of course, Russell Edgington’s return to look forward to. It’s going to be quite a wild season, and the latest preview shows just that.

The True Blood season 5 trailer (below) begins with Sookie crying over Tara’s body. The preview is filled with talk of Russell and the Authority, as Eric says either will have their heads. There’s grave digging, action, explosions, blood, violence, death, and some ominous warnings. There’s Terry’s “We’re all going to die” and Lafayette’s “you’re the angel of death” to Sookie. Then there’s also Bill saying they’ll bring Russell in or die trying, and because Sookie could be useful—and it certainly looks like that in this promo—they’re going to need her, even if she doesn’t want to help.

Among the highlights of the promo has to be Meloni’s “We are the Authority. I am the Authority,” and of course fans are going to note Sookie and Alcide getting pretty close. The best part is how it ends: with a look at Russell. Yes, he’s back. It’s going to be quite the exciting season for the HBO drama.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 promo?

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