‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Bromance and Romance, Returns and Exploring the Past

True Blood returns to HBO this weekend for its fifth season, and after all the cliffhangers of season 4, it’s about time fans will be getting some answers. What can they expect to see this summer?

Season 5 Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoThe Hollywood Reporter talked to the cast about what’s coming up, and they teased a few of the storylines for the summer. A sneak peek out from the premiere already shows that Bill and Eric will be working together to clean up the mess after they killed Nan. According to Stephen Moyer, “They’ve gotten themselves into a pretty dark situation. And I think that they decide that instead of fighting as they always do and being at each other’s throats, that they’ll actually get together and put their heads together.” Since they’re dealing with the Vampire Authority, that’s their best bet. Since they’re not going to be fighting over Sookie, they might as well team up together—especially since it seems like Sookie’s attention could be elsewhere (Alcide) this season.

Moving from friendships to relationships, there does seem to be some good news coming for Andy, as Chris Bauer did say, “He’s softening up a little. He is making some connections in the romantic world, and that’s having a big effect on his personality.” Meanwhile, Lauren Bowles also talked about her character’s love life, claiming she’ll “have some lovin'” and “it just might be from a certain sheriff in town.” So things seem to be going well there, but it’s likely something will happen to screw that up at some point. After all, they live in Bon Temps. What else would you expect?

Also coming up in True Blood season 5 is a further examination of Terry. Previews have already shown him looking a bit creepy standing over Arlene, and with Patrick around, it’s the perfect way to explore his past and “the source of Terry’s PTSD,” which will happen in season 5. Todd Lowe points out “he can’t be showing up with good news, not on this show.” There’s plenty of mystery surrounding Patrick, and after waiting since he appeared in the season 4 finale, fans will finally get some of them. Just who is he?

Finally, there are two big returns coming up: Tara and Russell. It’s uncertain how Tara’s going to be part of the HBO drama after the gunshot to the back of her head, and all Rutina Wesley would say was, “People know I’m coming back so I think they’re happy. But I think the surprise in the how is where people are going to be like, ‘Oh my god.'” Fans have been speculating about that since last season, and the speculation can soon stop. On a show like this, there are numerous ways they can bring her back.

Meanwhile, you know that Russell’s been freed, though you don’t know yet who dug him up. He’s still the same vampire out for blood—any blood and Sookie’s—as previews have shown, but he’s also going to have a new love interest, and Denis O’Hare teased, “I think everybody expects Russell to come out of the ground furious and bent on revenge, but he’s a more complicated character than that. He’s not been mellowed by his experience, but his perspective has changed.” Still, Russell is not a vampire you want to mess with, and with the Vampire Authority around, anything can happen.

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