‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Darker Side of Wolves and Shifters

The return of True Blood season five is just one day a way, and there is more spoilers out for what is to come. A lot will be happening with the shifters this year. Fans will learn a lot more about the shifters and wolves after having a season full of witches and fairies. Now it is time to dive into the darker side of shifting kind. Janina Gavankar plays one of the shifters on the series, and she shared some new information about what is to come for her character and Sam.

At the end of season four, fans saw the end of Marcus. That event will shape a lot of what will happen in the upcoming season. The rest of the shifters will not ignore his death. They will want to know what happened to their leader. Gavankar said the following, according to Red Eye Chicago:

“It’s a tough year to be a shifter. They’re up against a lot this year. It’s tough to stay alive this year, so they have to really fight for their lives. The shifters definitely show a darker side of themselves this year, a stronger side. When you’re a shifter and you lose control of yourself it’s dangerous for you and those around you.”

Alcide, played by Joe Manganiello, will be a focus of this season as well. His relationship with Sookie will develop. As for Luna and her own relationship with Sam, played by Sam Trammell, Gavankar had this to say about the couple:

“I love Sam and Luna together. She has the only guy who understands her. And she’s totally down for him.”

Sam does seem to be just as smitten with Luna. He is much happier than he was pining over Sookie in any case. There will be a lot of drama ahead. Shifters, vampire authority, and Sookie’s love life all will play a part in the fifth season of True Blood.

Are you ready for Sunday night?

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