‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Descriptions for Episodes 4-8

True Blood season 5 premieres this weekend, and it’s going to be a crazy summer of vampires, werewolves, fairies, and more. Episode descriptions are out for the July episodes, previewing more coming up with Russell, the Vampire Authority, and Sookie.

Season 5 Episodes 4-8 Descriptions

True Blood 2008 logoThe first July episode to air is “We’ll Meet Again” on the first of the month, and multiple characters’ lives are going to be in danger. Previews have shown Lafayette yelling at Sookie about being the angel of death, and while you know she’s not going to die, you have to wonder who may end up helping her out of the dangerous situation. Will it be Lafayette? Since Bill and Eric are going to be preoccupied with their own problems, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be them. It could always be Alcide, whom Sookie is going to get quite close to in True Blood season 5.

“Eric and Bill fear for their lives; Lafayette puts Sookie’s life in danger; Roman and Salome root out a Council traitor.”

Episode 5, “Let’s Boot and Rally,” is going to be the one that will see Bill, Eric, and Sookie potentially working together. Since Russell’s involved, they could use all the help they can get. Previews have shown Sookie talking about Russell wanting her blood. Is that from this episode? How will things go down against Russell? Who will be involved when it comes to doing something about the fact that he’s back? Meanwhile, what will be going on with Jason? In season 5, he’s not only going to have whatever’s going on with Jessica to deal with, but also a vampire Steve Newlin back, and as spoilers from the premiere reveal he has something important to tell Jason.

“Bill and Eric turn to Sookie for help with Russell’s whereabouts; Jason has a disturbing dream.”

Episode 6 of season 5 is “Hopeless,” and that title doesn’t really seem like something you want to hear when dealing with what these characters are. Bill and Eric will be dealing with the Vampire Authority in this episode, but at least Roman has “plans for Russell.” However, are they plans that Bill and Eric are going to be happy to hear about, or could they be something that’s just going to make things even more complicated?

“Bill and Eric are retrieved by the Authority; Roman lays out his plans for Russell.”

The July 22 episode is “In the Beginning,” and while Alcide may be getting ready for a fight, he may not be the only one involved in one in this episode, as Sam’s going after “some perps.” What will this mean for everyone involved? What is going to be involved in Sookie “[embracing] her human side?” Will something happen to ruin those plans of hers? Since this is Bon Temps and she is Sookie, it seems very likely something supernatural could happen.

“Salome reveals her true allegiances; Sookie embraces her human side; Sam sniffs out some perps; Alcide braces for a fight.”

The final July episode is episode 8 of the season, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” It could be an emotional one for Sookie and Jason, but could they also learn more about the past somehow by going to where their parents died? Since television series tend to do that, it seems likely. It also sounds like this is going to be a good episode for fans who like seeing stuff with the Vampire Authority, but what will this “new direction” mean for everyone?

“The Authority revels in a new direction; Sookie and Jason visit the site of their parents’ deaths; Luna gets stuck on Sam.”

Something to note about these episode descriptions is that Tara is not mentioned. They’re keeping what happens to her top-secret, but fortunately, it’s almost time to find out how she’s returning to the show. How will she be involved in these July episodes of the HBO drama?

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 spoilers?

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