‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Jason’s Fate, Finale Cliffhanger

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True Blood is heading towards a big season 5 finale, which will feature a cliffhanger, of course, and death. However, recent previews have teased that Jason may not be human by then. What are the latest spoilers about the final two episodes of the season?

Season 5 Spoilers

Ryan Kwanten told TV Guide “there’s actually not that much of a mislead there” when commenting about Jason in the ground. Combining that with the preview clip (below) that was released earlier showing Jessica proposing to Bill she make Jason a vampire when she’s worried about his safety with Russell and Steve out there, it’s really looking like Jason’s going to be a vampire by the end of True Blood season 5. This comes when Jason’s rethinking everything he knows about vampires since he discovered that a vampire killed his parents. Kwanten did say that Jason is willing to do “anything” to protect Sookie. Will it come down to that?

Kwanten also teased that the season finale cliffhanger “involves Sookie, [Jason] and Tara—perhaps we’re all working together.” Could Tara be helping Jason adjust to being a vampire after going through that so recently herself? Could they both be protecting Sookie from the vampire who wants her? Not only is there that cliffhanger coming up in the finale, Kwanten also teased that “no one is safe” from death in the last two episodes of the season. Who will survive for season 6? Will Russell be responsible for more deaths? With Bill declaring himself the “chosen one,” anything could happen with the Authority, and who knows who may get caught in the middle and end up dead?

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 spoilers?

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