‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Rutina Wesley Talks Tara’s Return

When fans of True Blood last saw Tara, she was bleeding to death in Sookie’s arms after being shot in the head. One would think that is something a character will not return from. Not on a series like this though. Tara will be back in season five, and Rutina Wesley is talking about her character’s return. The only piece of gossip she did not give away is how her reappearance will be explained.

Tara has been through a lot through the last four seasons of this series. The character does seem to be the most picked on character. She has lost love, been kidnapped by a vampire, and now she has been shot in the head. It looked like half of her head was shot clean off in the process too. Everything that has happened to Tara though has made for a stronger character. Wesley said the following, according to E! Online:

“[I’m] definitely coming back, just can’t tell you quite how. The interesting thing, for me, is the fans watching Tara recover. She kind of becomes a new woman. The journey she’s about to embark on is out of control.”

How will Tara be seen in season five? Turning in a vampire seems to be out of an option because Eric and Bill will have their hands full. Will Tara be the ghostly presence that sticks around Sookie? Or can Sookie, played by Anna Paquin, use some of her fairie juice to bring her friend back to life.

What do you think? How will Alan Ball handle this one on True Blood?

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