‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Sex, Death, and Arlene’s Future

True Blood season 5 has gotten off to a dramatic start. The Vampire Authority has been introduced. Russell is back. Tara’s a vampire. Pam’s past is being shown in flashbacks. And Terry’s past is coming back to haunt him. How bad is it going to get?

Season 5 Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoTVLine has some scoop about what’s coming up in the next few episodes. First, there’s some information about this Sunday’s show, episode 3, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me,” in which “three ‘couples’ will have sex for the first time.” On this show, that could end up being anyone. Could Sookie and Alcide be one of them? Previews have been teasing a hookup between them for weeks now, and it is possible that this episode could be it. However, there are enough characters on this show that there could be three other couples having sex, leaving Sookie and Alcide for a future episode. Alcide is going to be dealing with having Debbie’s parents in town, and he could be dealing with that—and perhaps finding out what happened—but it wouldn’t be surprising if True Blood season 5 episode 3 ended up being the one with Sookie and Alcide.

However, there’s also some bad news coming up, as TVLine also revealed, “there’s a pretty dramatic death in the next couple weeks.” Though things aren’t looking too good for Arlene—Terry’s dealing with his past being back, and he’s being pretty creepy—”Arlene is not the victim.” She’s going to live at least for now. But who’s going to die and at whose hand? Could Tara get out of control as a vampire? Will someone end up a victim of Russell’s? Anything could happen, especially in Bon Temps.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 spoilers?

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