‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: Stephen Moyer Directs Trippy Episode

True Blood is back. The long wait is over, and things no longer suck for fans of this series. The first episode back had a number of twists and turns. The season ahead should have even more of them. Stephen Moyer is taking a turn behind the camera this season, and Denis O’Hare has decided to tease fans with some details about the episode that will air later this summer.

TV Guide is responsible for this inside scoop from Denis O’Hare. He said the following about the episode:

“In Episode 7, we have a really freaky scene where you see vampires behaving in ways they don’t normally behave. It leads into Episode 8, which Stephen Moyer [Bill] directed. It’s an acid trip in the Vampire Authority world that Stephen’s responsible for creating. It is creepy, trippy, funny, bizarre, beautiful and mind-boggling.”

Things on True Blood are trippy enough without the enhancement of drugs. Fans have seen the effects of V on humans in the past enough already. However, it looks like an acid trip is in the cards for this series. After seeing some of the new arrivals from the Vampire Authority in previews for the series, it will be interesting to see what Moyer cooked up for his episode.

Right now, it is just safe to say that fans are happy to see their series back on the air for another hot summer.

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