‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: The Character of Patrick, Lafayette After Jesus’ Death

True Blood season 5 premieres in less than a week, and more and more is coming out about the new episodes. While everyone’s looking forward to Russell’s return and the Vampire Authority, there is much more going on as well, and the latest spoilers are about Lafayette and Terry.

Season 5 Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoAccording to E! Online, Kevin Alejandro has teased, “My character definitely has a role in this season, but I can’t tell you how. I’ll tell you this, the death of Jesus really has affected Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in a very dramatic way, so you can expect to see how he deals with that and how it affects the other people around him. There’s a lot more depth to Lafayette that audience is in store for, hope you’re ready for it!” Lafayette is certainly going through a rough time. Not only is he going to have to deal with what happened to Jesus, there’s also the matter of what’s going to happen to Tara this season. That’s still uncertain, and it’s just one more thing Lafayette has to face in this crazy town. No one knows yet what will happen to Tara after the season 4 finale cliffhanger, but Lafayette is going to be under a lot of stress, considering everything. You can’t blame him for calling Sookie the “angel of death” in previews (below). It’s harsh, but look at what he’s going through—and what they’re doing when he says it.

Meanwhile, also coming up in True Blood season 5 is more about Patrick, Scott Foley’s character who was briefly introduced at the end of season 4. According to Foley, “We’re going to see a lot of Terry figuring out who he is and coming to grips with what he has done in is past, especially over in Iraq. And we’re going to find out whether Terry and Arlene stay together.” Terry has never been what you can call the most stable of characters, but it does look like he’s taking that up a notch in this season, as promos have shown him standing over Arlene in bed and just looking plain creepy. Could whatever he’s going through now not only be related to Patrick’s appearance but also be something that strains his relationship with Arlene?

So just who is this Patrick and how will Terry’s commanding officer fit in with the rest of Bon Temps’ supernatural beings? Foley did say, “I bring in a substantial supernatural element to the show that hasn’t been seen yet.” One of the premiere sneak peeks out (below) shows Patrick having dinner with Terry and his family, and his behavior is a bit suspicious. Does it have anything to do with the “substantial supernatural element” of his character, or is it just related to what he went through in Iraq? Whatever it is, Patrick is certainly a character you want to see more of, if only to get some answers after his brief appearance last season and to learn more about Terry.

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