‘True Blood’ Season 5 Spoilers: What Will Happen to Tara?

True Blood‘s fourth season ended with Tara seemingly dead as Sookie cried for her best friend (after killing Debbie, of course). Since then, fans have been wondering what that means for Tara in the future. Well, it’s almost time to find out.

Season 5 Spoilers

True Blood 2008 logoAccording to TV Guide, creator Alan Ball has said, “Tara is still a part of the show. I’m sure fans have a lot of different ideas of how that could be possible, and one of those ideas is correct.” Of course people are guessing that Tara will be another new vampire on the show for the fifth season. When you also take a look at other spoilers from TV Guide earlier this week, in which they said that “the title of the season premiere is ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ which is a song of Biblical extraction about profound change, like, say, dying, becoming a vampire or declaring your true sexuality” and that “all three of these things will happen during this hour,” you can’t help but think that this is another sign that Tara could very well end up a vampire this season. Considering one other alternative is that she would be dead after that gunshot wound to her head, there aren’t many options as to how they could bring her back in True Blood season 5.

But how will that happen if it does? It’s not going to be thanks to Bill or Eric, as Rutina Wesley has said, “I can tell you that Bill and Eric can’t come running to the rescue. They just killed a member of the Authority, so they’re going to have a big mess to clean up themselves, so Sookie’s going to have to figure this out on her own. But, you know, she’s strong and resourceful and doesn’t need a man to figure out her problems.” Sneak peeks have already been released from the season premiere (but don’t reveal anything about what will happen to Tara), and one (below) does show Eric cleaning up after what he and Bill did (and telling Bill to hurry up and help). The last thing on their minds is what’s going on with Sookie, so she won’t be getting any help from there with one of them just randomly showing up and fixing this. However, they’re not the only vampires Sookie knows, so it is possible she calls someone for help—or something happens that she’s not aware about at first.

Of course there’s also the question of what Sookie and Tara’s friendship will be like after these events, and Wesley did say that friendship “will be significantly different”: “That’s going to be the interesting part to watch: Tara’s reaction to Sookie and Sookie’s reaction to Tara. All I can say is it’s charged.” So not only will Sookie be dealing with Russell after her blood and however Tara does return, she’ll also be dealing with changes on a personal level. How will this experience change Tara’s views of everything? What will this mean for their friendship when the season ends? So much can happen before the finale, and it’s likely that will include what happens between Sookie and Tara—and everyone else who is affected by the changes coming.

What do you think of the latest True Blood season 5 spoilers? What do you think will happen to Tara?

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