‘True Blood’ Spoilers: Will Alcide and Sookie Finally Couple Up?

Since Alcide arrived on True Blood, the tension between him and Sookie has been building. The two have an attraction, and Alcide even made his feelings known in the season four finale, but they have not managed to act on it. Sookie has two vampires to deal with in her life, so that is completely understandable. Bill and Eric will be busy dealing with the Vampire Authority in the upcoming season, so will this open the door for Alcide and Sookie to hook up?

It looks like yes! Joe Manganiello was a bit coy, but he did tease a season five hook-up for the resident werewolf and fairie on the series. Some fans might be saying it is about time too! The tension between this pair has been hard to ignore, but Sookie has had a lot on her plate since Alcide arrived on scene. Manganiello said the following about the upcoming, according to Wet Paint:

“The million-dollar question is always, ‘Is Alcide going to hook up with Sookie?’ I will say that I’m the only character on the show that can get her pregnant, so if they have to with it, there’s kind of only one way you can go!”

With Anna Paquin pregnant in real life, a pregnancy might need to happen on the series. Does anyone want to take a guess about what a wolf crossed with a fairie will turn into once it enters the human world? That alone would end up being something to see. Of course, the series would have to go for a season six for fans to see that.

Are you ready for an Alcide and Sookie hook up on True Blood?

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