‘True Blood’ Spoilers: Will Eric and Sookie Get Hot and Heavy Again?

Season 4 of True Blood was the season that Sookie finally gave in to Eric Northman. Admittedly, he was not himself, but everyone had to know that sweet and innocent Eric wouldn’t last forever. Eric and Sookie were destined to happen. The sexual tension between them had been causing fans to want the two to hook up since way before it actually happened. The big question now is – will it happen again in season five?

Now, Sookie is looking to strike out her own and be more independent. Not sure how falling into bed with Alcide is a part of that plan, but this series isn’t happening unless Sookie is having sex with someone, right? Will she fall back into Eric Northman’s bed before the end of the upcoming season? Hollywood Life shared the following scoop:

Fans hoping for a legit reunion between former lovers Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) will probably disappointed with season five — at least at first. According to HBO, a sexy vampire from Eric’s past (Lucy Griffiths as Nora) will resurface in the premiere episode. She’s a member of the Vampire Authority, and she’s got big plans for Eric and his new BFF Bill (Stephen Moyer).

Well, it doesn’t sound it will happen right away, but there is some hope for more action between the sheets between Eric and Sookie. That ‘at least at first’ gives fans that hope. If Sookie goes back to Eric after giving in and going off with Alcide, can you imagine the fight between Eric and Alcide that will take place?

There is more on the way in Bon Temps. Are you ready for more from True Blood?

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