‘True Blood’ Star Ryan Kwanten Promises Surprising Twist in Season 4

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten promises that the show will deliver an unexpected twist for season 4. What can fans expect and what is going on with Jason Stackhouse? Check out the video below but beware, spoilers ahead!

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicRyan was asked by MTV News if the show’s fourth season would closely follow the fourth book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Fans of both the books and the hit HBO show know that sometimes plots from the book series are completely left out of the show and often times the show creates all new stories (remember Maryann the maenad?). He responds, “The good thing with the show, even with people who are well-researched, is that you’re constantly surprised.”

He talks about the show’s creator Alan Ball and explains that Ball tries to keep the book series fans happy, but also keeping the show “TV-savvy.” While speaking specifically about his character, Kwanten almost lets too much slip! He begins, “This storyline with Jason is no different. He does his own version…” Then he stops and says he can’t say too much because of “disclosure agreements” which prohibit him from talking.

He does say that Jason Stackhouse will have a hard time surviving his recent ordeal in Hotshot, but if he does, he’ll be spending a fair amount of time with Andy and Crystal. He ends the interview with a hint of things to come. He says, “Toward the latter third of the series, there’s a whole new twist that you’ll be very, very surprised by.”

One can only imagine what Alan Ball has in store for season four. He has an amazing imagination, so expect something crazy! Jason will probably be converted into a were-panther like Crystal, so maybe they will have a baby?

Click the video below to see Ryan Kwanten talk about True Blood season 4 in his adorably sexy Australian accent. What do you think the twist will be? Share your thoughts below!

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