‘True Blood’ Stars Talk About Season 4: Spoiler Alert!

Some of the biggest stars from HBO’s hit show, True Blood are talking about Season 4 and what viewers should expect for the upcoming season.  Spoiler alert!  Read on at your own risk, spoilers lie ahead!


Several spoilers for True Blood Season 4 have already hit the Internet.  Fans should expect to see Arlene give birth to a half human, half monster baby, the return of a beloved vampire (Godric) and a possible new love interest for Sookie.

But what viewers are really waiting for, is spoilers from the cast themselves.  Who knows better than they do Alan Ball has planned for season four?  Unfortunately, it is hard to get good information from the actors.  But occasionally, they do reveal little things here and there.

Ryan Kwanten recently talked a bit about True Blood‘s fourth season.  He said that viewers are “not going to be disappointed.”  He went on to talk about the show’s writers saying they, “have yet to rest on their laurels.  They’re writing phenomenally well.  I mean, for them, it’s like a smorgasbord of stuff they get to write with.  It’s the supernatural.  They can write about anything, like vampires’ life history from the Civil War.”

Fans of the show may not like to hear that the writers “can write about anything.”  One segment of the show’s fan base wants the writers to stick close to the book series by Charlaine Harris.  (Can you say, shower scene please?)  Did Ryan give fans a hint that the show will take its own direction?  It depends on how you interpret his words.

The show’s real life couple, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, was also questioned about Season 4.  Anna dishes that Sookie has run off with her “fairy godmother.”  Stephen claims that his character Bill is “so over Sookie,” which earns him the evil eye from his wife.  Is that a hint?  On the other hand, it could just be Stephen goofing around.  Stephen was also asked if Bill might be assuming a new position of leadership on the show.  Anna cautioned Stephen about answering the question, but Stephen answered anyway in sort of a vague manner saying, “It’s different this year.  And it’s good because of that.”

Viewers have a long wait ahead of them.  Season 4 won’t begin until June 12.  Waiting sucks, doesn’t it?

What would you like to see happen in True Blood Season 4?  Share your thoughts below.

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