‘True Blood’ ‘Sunset’ Recap: Plans Change

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True Blood season 5 continues with episode 11, “Sunset.” Bill hears someone calling his name and follows it to the vial of Lilith’s blood. He turns away, but when he turns back, Lilith’s there. She chooses him to lead them and tells him to drink all the blood. He turns away, and when he turns back, the case is open and there are bloody fingerprints on it.

Nora remembers what Godric said before Salome joins her and asks if she’s having doubts. Nora says she’s worried about Russell, but Salome calls it all part of Lilith’s plan. Jessica tries to use Bill’s phone to warn Jason about Russell and Steve, but he refuses. She suggests she make Jason a vampire, so they could be together and blessed by Lilith. Bill’s sending two vampires with her to make sure she does.

While Nora and Eric have sex, she asks him to forgive her and wants to know what they’re going to do. He’ll get them out of there. Sookie and Jason talk about the contract, and he tells her to stay there where it’s safe while he goes in to work. General Cavanaugh arrives at the Authority and asks for Roman. Bill says he’s not available. Cavanaugh knows they bombed the Tru Blood factories and there are talks about how to eradicate vampires. They tell him Roman’s no longer with them and they go by Lilith’s word. Cavanaugh brings up video of Russell and Steve killing, and if the video gets out there, humans will rise up against vampires. They have weapons and they own the day. Vampires don’t stand a chance, but when he goes to leave, Eric kills him.

Jason finds Jessica, and she brings up trust. The guards tell her to move along. Jessica tells Jason to trust her before she bites him. The others aren’t happy about what Eric did, but he says he can fix it. Nora says she knows the General’s staff and can also help. Bill tells them to take a security detail. The vampires are covering Jason and Jessica with dirt when Jessica tells Jason to do it and he takes out his gun and kills them. She explains what’s going on, and he goes to warn Sookie.

Pam inspects the office, and Tara says she cleaned it up. Pam warns her about the Authority and commands her to never speak of Elijah. Jessica shows up asking Pam to hide her and offers to tell her where Eric is. Speaking of Eric, he kills the security detail and Nora takes off her necklace before they leave. The fairies warn Sookie that the elder sometimes has trouble focusing, which is clear when she keeps asking about Sookie’s taste in music. The elder knew John, and Sookie asks about the contract. There’s a reason why Sookie finds vampires irresistible. A dark time is coming, and Sookie needs to hold onto her light. The elder is about to tell her something about Warlo when Jason yells for Sookie, and once through, he tells her what’s going on. The elder is not happy to hear Russell is alive.

Andy stops by for breakfast, and Holly brings him over to her sons. One apologizes, and he promises to do right by their mother. Alcide finds out about the vampire attacks, but his father’s not concerned. Sookie knows Russell won’t stop coming for her, and he’ll go after the others after. She wants them to fight together, and the elder agrees. Outside in the field, Sookie asks Jason if he’s clear on the plan. He is. Meanwhile, Arlene and Terry are back to being happy, and Andy wants to know how to make it last. Just as Arlene’s giving him advice about honesty and trust, Maurella shows up and he finds out she’s pregnant with his child. He tells her he has something good with Holly, but she warns her that ignoring what happened is an act of war.

Jessica says that Bill has been cruel, and Pam explains it’s “nest behavior.” Back upstairs, Rosalyn walks in and can smell Elijah’s blood on Tara. However, Pam takes responsibility for his death, and Rosalyn arrests her. She also finds Jessica as she’s leaving. Bill’s looking for her.

Bill is once again drawn to Lilith, who tells him to drink all of her and touches his lips. Though she’s gone when he opens his eyes, blood is left on his lips. Alcide sees vampires outside his father’s trailer and goes after them. Russell and Steve find Jason, and he tells them Sookie’s where they can’t get in. Russell glamours him to lead them to the fairies. Alcide’s father comes to his rescue when he gets in over his head a bit with the vampires.

Sam and Luna find Emma locked up, but guards see them and think they just escaped. Sam volunteers to be “breakfast” for Bill and tell Luna to do whatever she has to. Bill finds Kibwe in front of the blood. He says Lilith chose him, and Bill kills him. Pam passes Sam in the hall, both confused to see the other. Jessica tells Bill he’s going crazy with “nest behavior,” but he hits her and says Lilith chose him. Meanwhile, Salome too sees Lilith saying she’s the chosen one.

Jason brings Russell and Steve to the field, but the elder says the plan has changed. Russell tells Sookie to show herself, but the elder says she’s not letting them out there to get themselves killed and steps out herself. She blasts Steve away when he approaches, but Russell throws Jason in the path when she goes to banish him. He drinks from the elder, killing her, and then can see where the fairies were hidden away.

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