‘True Blood’ ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ Recap: Tara’s Return and the Pack

True Blood season 5 premieres with episode 1, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Bill calls Jessica to tell her he’s been called away on business while Eric cleans up. Bill can tell something’s up with Sookie, but Eric reminds him of their problem. Bill and Eric are captured and put into a car trunk. Lafayette finds Sookie and Tara. Pam shows up looking for Eric and says to tell him she’s sorry. Lafayette asks her to turn Tara for them. Pam points out they don’t know what will happen since half her head’s missing, but Sookie says she’ll owe her one. Pam says she has to fix her and Eric and owe her before giving Tara her blood.

True Blood 2008 logoSteve glamours his way into Jason’s house. Sam flies away from Marcus’ pack’s questions about his whereabouts. Pam has Sookie and Lafayette bury her and Tara. Sam warns Luna about Marcus’ pack. He’s not selling out Alcide. The pack shows up, and Sam says he killed Marcus to keep them away from Luna and Emma.

Steve confesses his feelings for Jason and when he doesn’t return his feelings, Steve goes to attack him. Jessica interrupts and says Jason’s hers. Jason takes back his invitation. Once Steve’s gone, Jessica kisses Jason. Bill and Eric work together to blow their way out of the car. Nora kills a vampire trying to stop them, and Eric kisses her. She’s his sister.

Sookie begins cleaning up and tells Lafayette she wanted to kill Debbie. It wasn’t self-defense. Nora explains that no one in the Authority knows about her relationship with Eric. She’ll do anything for him—and he for her. They’ll make new arrangements in the morning. She calls in and lies. They can’t return. Jesus’ body is gone when Sookie and Lafayette get there. Did someone else take care of it for him? Sookie goes back out to the car, and Lafayette calls out to Jesus. He wants to know how to keep living.

Holly’s sons, Wade and Rocky come back from a hunting trip and find her and Andy naked in bed. Andy gets out of there quickly. Speaking of families, Patrick joins Terry, Arlene, and the kids for a meal. There are questions about Terry’s past, but Terry doesn’t want Patrick to share anything about it. When Patrick hears about the fire,

Terry notes his reaction. Patrick just talks about the seriousness of fires.

Sookie remembers Tara standing up for her when they were kids and looks outside to the ground where they buried her. When Lafayette takes a bath, he notices the razor. Meanwhile, Alcide pays Sookie a visit, and while she covers up what happened, he’s there to tell her Russell’s back.

Judge Clements approaches Andy about a ticket his son got. He wants a favor, and he gets it. Jason wants to talk to Hoyt, but he wants to know if he was with Jessica again. He was, and apologies mean nothing to Hoyt. Alcide warns Sookie that Russell’s going to go after her, so he wants her to stay with him. However, first, she has to tell him why she can’t. As she’s beginning to, Lafayette storms in and tells Alcide to get out. He says they’re done with the supernatural—and he’s not going to back down just because Alcide growls at him. Sookie tells Alcide to go. The sun’s going down soon, and Sookie grabs some Tru Blood.

Sam’s getting tortured for answers about Marcus. Martha takes over and explains that they have to do certain things to honor their leader. They need his body. Bill’s stuck listening outside the shipping container as Eric and Nora have sex. He advises them to keep the noise down. Eric’s phone rings, and he steps outside to answer it. It’s Alcide.

A man is brought to a door, then pulled inside, and blood splatters. Jessica’s having fun and has some college students over while she has the house to herself. Jason shows up, but she says their conversation still stands. She was just protecting him from Steve. He sees the party and joins in. He offers to take off his uniform to make them feel better about drinking underage. Patrick finds Terry and says he lost his home in a fire. Others in their squad have as well. Patrick says it’s about what happened that night in Iraq, and Terry doesn’t react well to that. Patrick came because he thought he might be responsible. Since he’s not, he thought he might want to help. Patrick asks if he knows where he could find another from their squad. He says he doesn’t, and Patrick leaves him.

When it looks like Jessica has found herself a guy for the night, Jason leaves with one of the girls. Jessica sees and pulls back. However, Jason tells the girl he’s just going to bring her back to the sorority house in the car and says that he’d blow her off after a night together because of his issues.

Sookie and Lafayette wait to see what happens with Tara. Sam brings the pack to Marcus’ body, and Martha tells him he did the right thing. Alcide and Luna show up, and he confesses he killed Marcus. Martha’s Marcus’ mother, and she bites into Marcus’ body. Nora brings Bill and Eric to the one who will take care of their extraction. However, as they’re preparing to say goodbye, the Authority shows up and takes over. While Lafayette heads inside to see about food, Pam crawls out of the ground. What about Tara? Sookie begins digging. It doesn’t seem to have worked. Lafayette comes back to find Sookie crying. That’s when Tara comes to and Sookie screams for Lafayette as she advances on her.

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