‘True Blood’ ‘We’ll Meet Again’ Recap: Blood, Partying, and Betrayal

True Blood season 5 continues with episode 4, “We’ll Meet Again.” Pam finds Tara in the tanning booth and commands her as her maker not to do it again. Lafayette joins Sookie outside as Alcide drives off. She’s determined to start doing the right thing, but he doesn’t want to be part of any of this. Bill and Eric are dropped off. It’s time to start figuring out the Russell situation.

Roman thinks Nora has allies and wants Salome to talk to her. Sookie surprises Jason by showing up and turning herself in for Debbie’s murder. He doesn’t want to hear about it, but she’s tired of ruining lives. Jason tells her to act normal while he figures things out. She spills everything, including Tara being a vampire.

Speaking of Tara, Pam brings her to Fangtasia, where she finds Eric and Bill waiting. Bill leads Tara away, and she tells him he can’t keep worrying about Sookie over everything else. That’s how she ended up where she is. Meanwhile, Eric pins Pam down by the neck as she swears she doesn’t know where Russell is. He doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She tells him to release her. When Eric joins Bill, he says it’s not Pam and he would’ve known if Nora was planning a coup. Both make sure the other didn’t tell anyone.

The Chancellors are keeping an eye on things—Bill and Eric, worldwide uprisings, and Nora suffering. The judge invites Andy out to celebrate after clearing his son’s ticket and asks Jason along as well. Sam gets an invitation to go running with other shifters and after some convincing, agrees. Sookie’s facing everyone’s thoughts regarding her role in Tara becoming a vampire, and it gets to her. Then there’s Lafayette, who, upon seeing Sookie’s car, performs some sort of spell, his face once again changing.

Alcide tells the Pelts that Debbie was killed—by Marcus, after she resisted him when he moved in after he abjured her. Gordon surges up against him, but they’re just grieving. Sookie’s driving when her car speeds up and she can’t control it. She rolls out moments before it crashes.

Terry and Patrick are in South Dakota on their search for Eller. A flashback to Iraq shows the squad drinking and relaxing up in a tower while Eller was on sentry duty on July 4th. Below, a man walked up and Eller ended up shooting him. The rest of the squad came down while the man’s loved ones gathered around his body. A shootout ensued. When it was over, Terry saw what they did.

Sookie pours herself a drink. Andy tells Jason that the Pelts left, but he knows there’s something up. He wants to search the area—including Sookie’s place. Jessica comes in and glamours Andy, telling him the case is closed. Eric joins Pam in the basement and says searching for Russell is a suicide mission. They’ll end up death either by him or the Authority. She offers to go with them, but he can’t have her there. He says she was right and he has to release her because she’s his only progeny. He needs her to live. She understands, and he releases her before hugging her.

Andy and Jason join the judge for a night out, beginning in a limo with three women who buckle them in and put hoods over their heads. Then it’s time for another sweet scene between a vampire and her maker. Bill has Jessica help him search for a bug, and she asks if he’s going to go see Sookie. She warns him that Sookie’s falling apart. He tells her to take care of herself first and says he’s done well.

Nora says she’s accepted her fate and braces herself for death. Salome wants to know who swayed her. Roman shows her the iStake app tied to Bill and Eric, and that gets to her. She wants to be assured of their safety first.

The three women lead the men to the party—only, to get there, one has to use her power. Jason’s lured away by a woman, and though Andy’s distracted when he sees Morella again. The fairies are back. Meanwhile, Sookie’s drunk when Lafayette calls to check on her after finding her car. He realizes what happened and says he’s coming over. Alcide knocks at Sookie’s door, and she hangs up on Lafayette. Alcide tells her he talked to the Pelts. She apologizes for putting him in the middle of everything. She offers him a drink.

Terry and Patrick get to Eller’s, but it looks deserted. They find a door in the floor and head down. Something’s obviously up with Eller, based on the drawings. Eller confronts them. He’s armed.

Sam shows up to go for a run, but the shifters are dead. Pam wakes Tara up and commands her to drink from a woman she brings her. Roman goes before the Chancellors and takes out the stake. There is another traitor. He asks Alexander about feeding on humans—and sending it out online to known enemies of the Authority. He says he was gaining their trust, but Roman stakes him.

Sookie and Alcide are still drinking, and when he refuses to take a drink, she pushes it, saying he’ll do anything for her because he’s in love with her. Bill and Eric watch from outside as they kiss. Jason’s fairy can tell he’s thinking of someone else. He spots Hadley, who’s surprised Sookie’s still alive and says that vampires will turn on Sookie and kill her—just like they did his parents. Jason runs after her when she realizes she said too much. He and Andy end up pushed out by two male fairies, who then use their power on them.

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