‘True Blood’ ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me’ Recap: A Maker’s Responsibility

True Blood season 5 continues with episode 3, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me.” Tara’s still adapting to becoming a vampire, but stops herself while attacking a woman.

Russell is dangerous, and Roman doesn’t want to see what he’s done ruined because of him. Bill and Eric are to bring him in. Sookie turns to Pam for help, but she’s more focused on Eric’s disappearance. All Sookie wants is for Pam to summon her, but Pam shoves her away. Sookie uses her power on her before walking out.

Sam finds Tara behind Merlotte’s. She’s hungry. Roman tells Steve, the new Nan, that Russell’s still alive, and Steve says people just want to know they’re safe. He’ll make them believe whatever Roman wants them to. If they can’t bring in Russell quietly, Roman will need Steve to work the crowd. Bill and Eric are strapped with deadly harnesses to make sure they do what they’re supposed to.

Tara’s busy downing Tru Bloods at Merlotte’s, and Sam tries to get her to talk. She stops him from calling Sookie and Lafayette, but then she passes out. When Andy goes to work, he finds out there’s a photo of himself naked on Facebook, but Gordon and Barbara show up to talk to him about Debbie. Jason bumps into his former teacher in the store, and she doesn’t exactly want to talk.

Arlene’s worried about Terry, but all he tells her is he’s leaving with Patrick. She tells him she won’t be waiting for him. Sookie and Lafayette check Merlotte’s for Tara, and after she reads Sam’s mind, she finds out she’s in the walk-in. Sookie explains she was going to die, and Sam says it’s up to Tara what she wants to do now.

Pam has a flashback to San Francisco, 1905, when Eric said he came to see her, not her “merchandise.” She watched as he faced off with Bill and Lorena after the two were drinking. Bill was new. Eric told them to apologize to Pam, who asked for $500 for every girl they drained. Eric kissed Pam, and in the present, a blood tear falls.

Jason visits his teacher, who apologizes for taking advantage of him. He says she taught him the only thing he’s good at and makes a move on her. Alcide’s busy facing questions from Debbie’s parents and tells them he abjured her after she went back on the blood. He says he didn’t do anything to her, and Barbara says she knows something happened. Andy questions Sookie, who says she hasn’t seen her since she gave her a ride for errands. He asks if Debbie was jealous of her and Alcide, and Sookie says she was a V-addict.

As he’s leaving, he asks Holly to join him outside. Holly apologizes to Andy for the photo, and he asks her to essentially “go steady.” They list their flaws, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop them. While Jason’s teacher enjoyed herself, he’s realized she was right and what they did was a mistake.

Salome tells Bill she’s been tracking his political career, and he wants to know why she’s interested in him. She admires that he still lets his heart rule him. Bill and Eric may not be with Sookie this season, but that doesn’t mean they’re not finding women to have sex with. Jessica’s shopping at Tracy’s when a man comes in to pick up an order. She runs out of the dressing room, wanting to know about him because of how he smells. She follows his scent but can’t find him.

Hoyt enters Fangtasia wearing eyeliner, and Pam warns him that he’ll be eaten alive, especially with his desperation. That’s what he wants. She flashes back to lying in bed with Eric and asking him to make her a vampire. He brought up the responsibility of being a maker, but she told him to leave her. However, he told her that becoming a maker is an eternal commitment. She slit her wrists, giving him no choice but to turn her or watch her die.

Eric is brought to Salome’s room, and she tells him they can be themselves there. She asks if he’s really willing to let them execute Nora. There are always choices. While things will be fun for him since she got naked, Nora’s facing torture at Rosalyn’s hands. She says she believes that vampires were made from God’s image and Lilith will rise. Jessica pays Jason a visit to tell him what happened. After the guy ran away, all she could think about was Jason. She kisses him, but something’s stopping him. He’s realized that he’s been using sex to fill a hole inside himself, but it’s not working anymore. He tells her to leave, even though she suggests just talking. She forces him to let her stay.

Arlene enters the walk-in, and Tara attacks—or does she? Tara awakens to Lafayette offering her Tru Blood. Alcide talks to Sookie about Debbie and wants to know what’s going on. Everyone finds Tara standing over Lafayette in the kitchen. She says she doesn’t need their help and leaves.

Eric realizes that Bill also slept with Salome. He wonders what she wants from them. Meanwhile, Salome tells Roman that they’re not Sanguinista, and he tells her Nora confessed to just that. She suggests it’s time to consider change, but he says mainstreaming is working. He doesn’t think he can lose with her as a secret weapon. He’s the third vampire she’ll have sex with this episode.

Lafayette pours bleach into soup and when he looks in the mirror, he sees Jesus’ demon face. He comes back to himself. Sookie tells Alcide the truth and asks what he’s going to do. He walks away. Tara breaks into a tanning salon and as she screams, Pam stops what she’s doing.

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