‘True Blood': Will Eric and Bill’s Fate be Determined by a Kid? (Spoilers)

True Blood‘s second episode of the fifth season brings a lot of new characters into the mix now that Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) are within the Authority’s grasp. One of the vampires who will play a hand in their fate is just a kid, or at least that’s what it looks like.

Along with Christopher Meloni, who joins the cast as Roman, an old vampire in a child’s body stars as part of the ever-important Vampire Authority. It seems that Bill and Eric are in some hot water with their very “lives” dangling by a thread, and the child vampire is one of the players holding that thread.

The child fanger, Alexander Drew, is played by new actor Jacob Hopkins, and fans can expect some interesting scenes with him this season. Hopkins recently spoke about his character. “I’m basically a troublemaker,” he said. “I’m being described as an impetuous vampire who likes to taunt others . . . I may look young, but looks can be deceiving. I’ve been around for a long time.”

Ultimately, the decision of whether Bill and Eric will meet the true death is not Alexander’s decision, but Roman’s. It would be a shame for the 1,000-year-old Viking hunk Eric to meet his end at the hands of a seeming 9-year-old kid, but that doesn’t mean Alexander won’t have some influence. The actor Jacob Hopkins revealed he will be in quite a few scenes with Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer.

Although Jacob may play a man who has 500 years under his belt, he’s still a kid when he’s out of character. He still reads monster books and goes to grade school, and his work on the show will undoubtedly perk his popularity. “Yeah, they know I’m gonna be in True Blood, and they think it’s so awesome. I mean, a lot of kids in my class love vampires,” he said.

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