True Blood’s Lucy Griffiths on Getting Cozy with Alexander Skarsgard

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Lucy Griffiths is one of the newest additions to HBO’s hit series True Blood, and her character Nora is Season 5’s lucky lady to hook up with Eric Northman, portrayed by hunky Icelander Alexander Skarsgard. How the ASkars fans must envy her!

For those unlucky people out there who don’t have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Alexander, Lucy has fortunately shared her take on their sex scenes together on the show.

Of course, faking it on a set couldn’t possibly compare to experiencing such bliss in real life. Lucy, however, was able to take those scenes in stride. “It can feel quite liberating to not be able to think twice and not be able to consider your inhibitions,” she said. “You don’t have a choice. Your job, at that moment, is to have a sex scene in a container with a man that you met two days ago. You’ve made your bed and you’ve got to lie in it, so to speak.” It doesn’t seem that she minded that bed too much.

Lucy Griffiths also noted how helpful Alexander Skarsgard was in making those steamy moments for the screen. “I felt very comfortable in his presence on set, which makes it easier to do scenes like that and to feel confident that that person is going to respond to you and receive you, and not think that you’re doing something strange,” she explained. Since Skarsgard fans can’t experience his comforting presence, they’ll just have to settle for watching True Blood on Sundays and living vicariously through Griffith’s character, Nora.

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