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You said it would be better if we could just be friends,

So that is how the story begins and ends.

But every time I see you, I fall into your eyes,

My stomach does flip-flops and my poor heart cries.

I know that you don’t love me, at least not like I love you

We came into this relationship with a different point of view.

While I was eating candied rainbows and singing love songs in June,

You found another station and it was playing a different tune.

I dreamed I’d love forever and then just one more day

While you simply said sorry and pushed me away.

You were living in the moment while I thought our love would last

Now that moments over, the time for love has past

But what makes you think i could simply be your friend?

My broken heart needs time to mend.


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Describing myself is always hard. I can say that I enjoy reading, writing, and music. I would also love to be taking a class in something, almost anything.

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