truTV Joins the Pawn Shop Game with Hardcore Pawn

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truTV (formerly Court TV) pulled the wraps off a new reality series tonight called Hardcore Pawn. The half-hour series follows the exploits of the people who work at American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit.

Like all pawn shops, American Jewelry and Loan sees people at all stages of their lives, those desperate for a dollar, those needing to downsize and those just hoping they found a treasure when they cleaned out grandpa’s attic. They get some crazy characters coming into the shop with everything from “alligators to prosthetic limbs” (or so says the press release.)

The shop is owned by Les Gold and he runs it with his two grown children Ashley and Seth. And though the items brought into the shop are a big part of the story, much of the show is dedicated to the relationships of the Gold family and their employees.

Sound familiar? That’s because History Channel has been running an almost identical show called Pawn Stars for the past year. That show follows the exploits of the family and employees behind the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Ironically, the series that takes place in Vegas is a little more tame than the one in Detroit.

truTV has never been shy when it comes to violence, language and abusive behavior, and Hardcore Pawn is no exception. The show emphasizes the danger involved in doing this kind of business in “one of America’s most troubled cities.” They’re also happy to promote the show with a girl trying to pawn a stripper pole.

If you’re interested in collectibles and the stories behind them, stick with Pawn Stars and check out History Channel’s American Pickers. If you like your reality shows to have more of an urban edge, then give Hardcore Pawn a try. There are new episodes every Monday night on truTV.

Here’s a clip:


Hardcore Pawn: Mark Hill / truTV

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