Try a Bacon Sundae at Burger King? More Unhealthy American Foods

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People say bacon makes everything better, and Burger King seems to agree: The fast food chain is testing out a new “Bacon Sundae,” and of course they are already receiving flak for being too unhealthy. One source calls it “artery-clogging.” But is the treat just misunderstood? Little known fact: one strip of bacon contains only 80 calories, and it’s a good source of protein. Everything in moderation, people!

The new sundae contains a serving of vanilla ice cream, with “normal” toppings such as caramel and hot fudge, and then an actual strip of bacon on top. It debuts in Nashville, Tennessee, but time will tell whether the Bacon Sundae will be enough of a hit to be released nationwide. Supposedly Burger King said earlier this month that they were launching ten new “healthier” items, such as smoothies and wraps. (Say what?) Well, welcome to the country of contradictions.

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First of all, it’s a fast food chain. Of course they are going to have unhealthy things! They already sell burgers and fries, so what more harm can this new menu item do? Secondly, Burger King is not a pioneer in making unhealthy food combinations, or combining savory and sweet flavors. Pizza Hut just unveiled a hot dog-stuffed pizza crust (only in the U.K.), and Paula Deen’s Krispy Kreme burgers helped make her famous (although also contributing to her diabetes). Plus, bacon is trendy. Jack in the Box offered a bacon milkshake, and Denny’s had a bacon maple sundae at one point.

Would you try Burger King’s new sundae? Do you think it’s disgusting and too unhealthy, a brilliant idea, or nothing new?

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