Try, Try Again

I came back from vacation to find a very sad state of affairs in my garden. The first thing I noticed was the spot where my peppers used to be.


I suspect the squirrels ate them.


My green beans produced a grand total of two green beans,


which we picked,



and ate at lunch.

I still have some onions that, for all I know, may be flourishing underground. Let’s hope so!

And I have one lovely spinach plant.



At least I still have my pears!


Since we have such a long growing season here, and I want to teach my children the importance of persistence, we are trying again.

We planted some seeds directly in the raised bed. Carrots, spinach, green beans and onions. Cross your fingers for me that they grow! While we were in the gardening mood, we sowed a bunch of perennial seeds in the front flower bed. Aren’t these the cutest little gardeners you ever did see?



Wish us luck! We need it….


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