TSA Patdown of Toddler in Wheelchair Sparking Outrage

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An appalling video of a three-year-old boy in a wheelchair undergoing a TSA patdown has emerged online, and is sparking anger across the country.

The child was looking forward to a vacation with his family in Disney World when he was harassed by a zealous agent who believed the poor kid was an al-Qaeda operative.

This incident at O’Hare Airport in Chicago will not change the way the TSA does business. In fact, the goon conducting the search will likely receive a commendation from the White House. The agent was just following orders, right?

It seems every week there is a new video of an airport screener going over the line with a passenger. The American government should follow the model of the Israelis, who only profile likely Islamic extremists. No purpose is served by searching nuns, retirees, or children in wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, an airline boycott is out of the question, because people need to travel.

The boy, who had a cast on his broken leg, started trembling and reached for the hand of his father, who was recording the creepy TSA patdown. While the screener fondled the terrified kid, his parents were ordered to stay clear. If you want to know what government tyranny looks like, view this video.

All across the Internet, there are now online polls asking if the agent went over the line. Also in the TSA patdown video, an old woman nearby holding a cane was was berated by screening staff.

Outrage: The wheel-chair bound three-year-old boy was stopped at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and subjected to invasive checks

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