TSA Penis Jokes Gone Too Far

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According to reports, an airport screener at Miami International “lost his mind” as he attacked his co-worker who made one too many “tiny penis” jokes. Wait…what!? Now, no man wants to be mocked when it comes to not being, “well-endowed.” However, attacking your co-worker because of ill-mannered jokes may be going overboard. If anything, you should respond with an insult or ignore the comment altogether. Mr. Negrin, apparently, wanted to his co-worker to get the message, clearly.

Rolando Negrin was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated battery for using his baton during the assault. So, what pushed him over the edge? Last year, while participating in the training of new body scanners, Negrin walked through a high-tech full body image machine. Let’s just say these new machines showed a bit more than he would’ve liked.

The police report stated that Rolando Negrin told the authorities that he “could not take the jokes anymore and lost his mind’. Fortunately, the victim was not seriously injured but after a year of being mocked for having a “tiny penis”, would you have snapped?

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