TSA ‘Pornoscanners’ Gone from Airports Soon

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TSA nude scanners are going to just be a bad memory soon. Dubbed “pornoscanners” by some fliers, the high-tech machines show full body imagery of every traveler who passes through them.

It’s about time that got rid of these awful machines! Just because one guy hides an explosive in his briefs, every airline passenger must suffer for it? The controversial machines went into widespread use, after the so-called “underwear bomb” attempt in Detroit on Christmas in 2009. By the way, it’s a bit odd that former Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff is affiliated with the company which manufactures them. Someone was getting rich off these machines!

The security agency will keep in place its conventional screening apparatuses, which generically outline a person’s shape. Some safety agents admitted recently, that they laugh at the bodies of travelers, which isn’t surprising considering the lack of professionalism at the TSA. Truthfully, the entire department should be dismantled, and supplanted with a private company. It would cost less, and be much more effective at guaranteeing safety.

The TSA will remove all the pornoscanners from airports by June. The company which manufactures the X-ray machines, Rapiscan, said it can’t fix the privacy issues by that time.

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