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Morose, aloof,

Love is a spoof.

Struck in the face,

Heart has no place

No muse,


Exhausted, spent,

Cannot relent.


Control is mine,

Reality divine.

Fingertips spell,

Your own living hell.

Morbid and real,

Nobody feels.

Zombies for me,

Lemmings to sea.


Get on your moe-joe,

Don’t ever show

Wistful dreams,

Silent screams.

The queen is here,

Gather near.

Commands take flight,

Dark turns light.


Fingers tighten

Will they enlighten

Or take the last breath,

Bring you to death.

Love brings pain,

Gentle fingers drain.

Deadly yet soft,

Trapped in her loft.


(c) Stacey “Mamasaid” D 2009 All Rights Reserved

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A freelance writer with a passion for life. Empathetic, exciting, eclectic, elegant, quiet, knowledgeable, a good listener, go to the beat of my own drummer.The author of "Mastication on the Beach," a compilation of poems inspired by Gather group

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