Tuesday WE: AJ Tinker's letter to Doyle


This letter was received by Doyle from Mr. Tinker in response to a bulk mailing sent to all the homes in the community inviting them to a free Joint Genealogy Workshop and Presentation Series by the local Family History Center and Brighton Beach Genealogy Society.




Dear Sir,


Thank you very much for your kind invitation.  I can already trace my family history to the moment they set foot in this country as I was the first person in my family born in this country.  You may be familiar with the history of my country in the early 1940s and will likely understand why I have very little desire to seek more information on my family tree than I already have at my disposal.


As a businessman enjoying the support of this community, though, I can understand that other people may need or want more information.  So, while I'm not interested in either attending your event or using your information for any personal search I am more than willing to help out your organization in the interest of community relations.


Enclosed is a check for $500.00 to help the BBGS.  Perhaps this will help to make your event a successful one.





AJ Tinker

Tinker & Tinker





In fact, the check was enclosed.  It was also a personal check, not a business check.  I brought the check and letter to the board meeting.  It was strange, though.  Who responds in writing to bulk mailings?  And why the generosity?  I am seriously considering going to Tinker and Tinker and talking to this guy.


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