Tulips anyone?

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I finally got to visit Longwood Gardens in Kennette Square, PA while visiting my family up north.  I’ve been there during the Christmas holidays but never in the spring.  It was just beautiful.  If you ever visit Pennsylvania or travel through, this is a wonderful area to see.  If you’d like to learn more visit their website.  I of course took over 100 photos and not everything was in bloom!  Also, the fountains are not turned on until May 1st. 

These are just some of the tulips from the outdoor gardens.   These gardens were sectioned off into squares with a different flower filling each one.  I never knew there were so many varieties of tulips.  The fragrance was divine, as you can well imagine.


The leaves on this variety are really neat:

Just a few singles.

I hope you enjoyed the pretty tulips, tomorrow I hope to have time to share the orchids.


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