Tupac Shakur Sex Tape Bidding War Erupts

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Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur has released eight albums since his 1996 death. Now, he’s about to release a sex tape posthumously as well.

TMZ is reporting that two porn companies “are serious about acquiring the rights” to the recently unearthed Tupac sex tape, with the first bid — from a site called YouPorn — coming in at $150,000.

According to TMZ, the person in possession of the footage is willing to hold out for more cash because they think the offer is “way too low.” You can’t blame them — if Vivid Entertainment wasn’t willing to sell the rights to the sex tape of a no-talent famewhore skank like Kim Kardashian for $20 million, then a legend like Tupac Shakur has to be worth way more than $150,000.

The seller has been in contact with a second, unidentified site — which has to be Vivid, given how many other celebrity sex tapes it has released — “which has vowed to beat the current offer — but only if it can screen the footage first.” Uh, what is there to screen? TMZ, which has seen the footage, says the five-minute video features Tupac — who is holding a drink in one hand and a blunt in the other — singing along and dancing to one of his songs while being orally serviced by a groupie. So, in other words, it’s like every rap video ever.

What do you think? Are you interested in seeing a Tupac Shakur sex tape? Would you rather just listen to some of his old tunes instead? And how much do you still love “California Love” (video below)? Sound off in the comments!

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