Tupac’s Death an Elaborate Hoax?

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Tupac’s death 15 years ago shook up the music world and left millions of fans in mourning. It seemed almost impossible the rapper had died after doctors worked their magic and gave him a 50% chance of survival. Pac was practically invincible and had lived through prior gunshots by sheer determination and the will to survive.

The circumstances of his death are still shrouded in mystery, but it is very clear, there is a group of people that really knows what happened on that fateful day. Pac’s friend, Suge Knight, was in the car when the drive-by shooting occurred and has his own theory about what really happened. Many have implied Suge had something to do with the drive-by, but he has always denied it and insists he was nearly shot when he pulled his friend down.

In a recent interview, Suge offers up the Elvis Presley theory. Conspiracy theorists have long believed Elvis did not actually die, but wanted to fade away. Shakur was a wanted man and his life was in grave danger from those who wanted to see him dead. Suge was asked the tired question about why Pac’s murderer has never been put in jail. His response, “Maybe the question is… Pac’s really not really dead.” Is he suggesting the rapper faked his death in order to live without the fear of getting gunned down, again?

Suge explained, “Nobody seen Tupac dead.” In fact, Pac was cremated almost immediately following his death. Suge states he paid $3 million to the guy that cremated 2Pac. Obviously, that is a grossly inflated number for a cremation. So what did the producer really pay for? He adds, “I never heard from the guy or seen him. He retired and left.” Uh-huh. So Suge would have the world believe he bought 2Pac’s freedom from those who wanted him dead. Why is he saying all of this now? Do you believe this latest theory about the “Dear Mama” singer?

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