Turkey: Doctors report discovery of real-life vampire

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An unnamed 23-year-old married man in Turkey is being described by doctors as a real-life vampire. In the case report, released February 8, doctors claim that the man is addicted to blood and has multiple personalities. Originally, the man would quench his thirst for blood by “slicing his own arms, chest and belly with razor blades letting the blood drip into a cup so he could drink it”. Eventually his compulsions became so urgent that he began to attack others, according to Live Science.

The man “was arrested several times after stabbing and biting others to collect and drink their blood”. He is also said to have convinced his father to supply him with bags of the crimson fluid from blood banks, reports Mail Online.

He sounds more like the traditional Bela Lugosi style of vampire than the romanticized version depicted by Robert Pattinson. Hearing stories like these makes it more difficult to enjoy the “Twilight series”. There is a big difference between this man and those popularized in books and film; they are mythical beings, tied to superstition where he is not.

Doctors say that the man’s two-year “bloodsucking phase” was preceded by several traumatic events, including the illness and death of his 4-month-old daughter and witnessing his uncle’s murder, as well as witnessing one of his friends kill a man by cutting off the victim’s head and penis.

Besides his addiction to blood, other bizarre behavior reportedly exhibited by the man includes: talking to himself and claiming that an imaginary companion was tormenting him and forcing him to commit acts of violence and attempt suicide. He also suffered from “memory gaps in his daily life” and lost track during his blood hunting episodes, which could have been due to his ‘switching’ to another personality.

The man was ultimately diagnosed with “dissociative identity disorder (DID), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic depression and alcohol abuse”.

Six weeks after being treated, doctors concluded that the man’s blood drinking habit was in remission. However, his dissociative symptoms were still apparent.

Although the human body is not well adapted for digesting blood, there’s no word on whether or not this man has had any health issues due to his repulsive vice. “While small quantities may be harmless, anyone who consumes blood regularly runs a risk of haemochromatosis (iron overdose) or contracting blood-borne diseases if they’re sourcing it from other people.”

This man appears to be genuinely troubled. Hopefully, he will be viewed as someone in need of professional care, instead of a freak, which is the knee-jerk reaction that so many would have upon hearing about the first known “vampire”.

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