TV Show Cancellations List Keeps Growing

ABC and NBC added to their TV show cancellations list. ABC is ditching six more shows, while NBC is canning two.

ABC Cancels Five Dramas and One Comedy

Fans have long speculated about the future of ‘Brothers and Sisters’. Many hoped the network would give the once-popular family drama a last year. Unfortunately, their hopes and dreams are gone now that ABC has dropped the show.

High hopes the network had for another family drama never really took hold as ‘No Ordinary Family’ was added to the TV show cancellations list. While the quirky premise and wonderful cast garnered a small loyal following, the show never hit its stride. Maybe the audience didn’t recognize the concept of family values since those are often lacking on the real home front.

Matthew Perry’s ‘Mr. Sunshine’ can stop smiling. It’s been ditched from the ABC lineup as well. The sometimes forced comedy tried too hard. Consequently, the audience just wasn’t buying.

It may surprise some that ‘Off the Map’, billed as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on the go, was among the TV show cancellations. Unfortunately, the medical drama suffered from characters with which the audience couldn’t relate. While it had its moments, they seldom lasted long. What was left just wasn’t enough to build an audience following.

There was no denying that Detroit ‘1-8-7′ was gritty and hard-edged. Perhaps; however, that was the problem. It was often too difficult to watch in a world that has already gone mad. Today’s audiences are looking for something to help them relax and recoup; not instill further tension or depression.

The last on the TV show cancellations list for ABC is ‘V.’ Die hard science fiction fans were skeptical the new adaptation of the 80’s drama could capture the indefinable quality that made ‘V’ a hit back then. While it was as dark as the remake, the original ‘V’ had moments of humor to help lighten the tone. The ABC version took itself far too seriously.

NBC TV Drops Surprise No One

The ‘Law and Order’ premise and format has made NBC famous and spawned sequel after sequel. Unfortunately, it reached its saturation point with ‘Law and Order: Los Angeles.’ Fans couldn’t get into the hastily written scripts that lacked depth and precision. Nor were they investing in one-dimensional characters. Consequently, it came as a surprise to few that the newest ‘Law and Order’ made the TV show cancellations list.

NBC pulled ‘The Event’ after its first few episodes to retool what they hoped would fill a void left by ABC’s ‘Lost.’ The changes were drastic and the action became more intense. The problem was nobody seemed to care. In truth, this one was probably dead on arrival.

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