TWE/ 10,15,13. Alamo / (some truth, some fiction.)

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TWE/ Historical Character/Hero. (Some truth, some fiction).




The dawn sky reminded Davy of blood. Sunrise of course, but knowing all those Mexicans were nearly to them added the blood to his imagination. He hoped Becky and the kids were well, He didn’t think he’d be coming home from this one.

He looked down the line of men getting ready and felt pride. They were a ragged bunch, but all volunteers from what he knew.

He checked his gun one last time, made sure his powder, balls and rags were handy to reload, and went back to waiting.

One of the scouts darted toward them. The rag tied to his makeshift stick pole was red. General Santa Ana was on his way. The man went over to Bowie as his horse was led away. “Reporting Sir, can’t count em, too many to even try. They just hit the edge of the flat at the end of the Arroyo.”

Bowie looked over at Davy to be sure he’d heard, then just nodded, as the scout fell in line, and prepared his weapons.

Five hours later, most of the men in that ragged line were dead.

And General Santa Ana had caused the future to be American.

Sam Houston would bring a much bigger Army, and the cry would live forever.


“Remember the Alamo!”


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