TWE – Diamonds – Diamonds have feelings too

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I removed my first post for this prompt because I just didn’t like it.  So, this is my second attempt.


Diamonds have feelings too 


            She’s arriving today, Miss Perfect in every way.  I hope she gets placed close to me so I can feel the warmth from her brilliant glow.  Why?  It’s cold in here with all this ice lying around.  They say she’s pure, pure as the driven snow.  I, myself, prefer to be included.  But that’s just how I roll.  I mean, we all have flaws, right?  Why do people think she’s better than me?  I thought having a little color was a good thing.  Turns out, the darker you are, the less value you have.  How does that sound right?  Are we not both created exactly the same way?

The jeweler places her right next to me.  She is perfect and just the way I like’m.  She’s round.  She’s got a little weight to her and she is definitely a cut above the rest.  I keep staring, trying to find some kind of flaw, so we would have something in common.  But, alas, she’s flawless.  She is perfect.

I had wondered why the jeweler placed her right next to me.  I found out.  I was being used.  I was like the ugly sidekick that gets the leftovers.  The jeweler was comparing her to me.  “This is what you want.  This is what you don’t want.”  Ask me how that makes me feel?

There is a happy ending, for me, anyway.  Turns out, most people can’t afford Miss Perfect.  I was bought today by a wonderful couple who were very happy to have me and I them.  C’ya Miss Perfect.


Glen K.  2011

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