TWE – First Step

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It was a different time

Not forgotten but also not spoken of

Flat on my back for many months

This bed fit me like a glove


Just laying, listening, watching

Seeing everything, seeing nothing

Wanting to walk, to run

Emotions to flee are crushing


They are to stand me up tomorrow

Will I stand; will I fall

No matter; just being on my feet

Would be the best of all


Degree by degree, they tilt the table

Slowly brings me closer to my destination

My heart beats with anticipation

While my legs shake from stagnation


Braced on one side by my sister

And the other by a nurse

My right foot slowly shuffles forward

While my left foot seems to reverse


For weeks, this shuffling slow gait

Was my means of walking

It was a long road back

And at times a bit daunting


But what started with this first step

Lead me back into the world

Of activity and normalcy

With the rest of my life to be unfurled

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