‘Tween Wave’ Craze Catches the Music World by Surprise

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The Tween Wave craze is on thanks to the geniuses at South Park. A musical genre that didn’t exist a week ago suddenly has the music world contemplating its first Top 10 Chartbusters.

SouthParkHD.pngNo less a voice than the Village Voice weighs in with a thoughtful piece tracing the roots of the new sound. Which is funny since the genre itself has only existed since 2009 and will play out until the first day of 2013. If the world doesn’t end first.

Has this ever been done before? Predicting the hits before they’re even created?

A glimpse into what the South Park creators themselves see as the few lone voices in the wilderness are an unlikely duo who come together because of incontinence problems and tortured britches. “Steamy Ray Vaughn” and “Steamy Nicks” may not at first seem to be soul mates, but their joining is inevitable—in the end, so to speak.

Prefix Magazine loves the way the episode skewers jaded, cynical A&R execs not troubled by such minor issues as talent and star power. Will it sell? Cha-ching! Sign the dotted line.

Ultimately, there’s only one way to determine if the new fad will live on and become the anthem of the post-millennial generation, spawning a new galaxy of torch bearers. Does it sound like crap? Oh yeah.

Let the voting begin…

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